Guide for the Customer

1. Requests for DataLine Service Desk must be sent to

2. Only requests sent from authorized addresses will be registered. To include the address to Authorized Addresses List, please contact your service-manager.

3. To receive notifications on your request’s status, add to your “white” list.

4. If in the “Copy” filed of the letter sent to Service Desk there were listed some authorized users, they will be automatically added to Observers’ Mailing List and they will be sent the notifications on progress of the request.

5. Upon request’s registration you will receive the confirmation message with text “Request #.... created”, including reference number of request, solution time, priority and assigned group.

6. If you need to add comment to existent request or send the answer with information requested from you, just answer the confirmation message without change of the letter’s “subject” field.

If you deleted the confirmation message but still possess the request’s reference number, send the message to In “subject” field of the message you should include “[SD] #reference-number”. The Service Desk system will attach your request and will not create the new request provided that the key words and the space symbol are both included.

7. If the request was solved but you are not agreed with the solution offered, please follow the link in request solution message to return the request for rework. See below the example of the link for returning the request for rework:

If the proposed solution does not suit you, click here to reopen the ticket.

Just answering this e-mail is not enough!

This link is active for 3 days from the moment of request’s solution. All messages sent via this link later will be registered as new requests.

8. In request solution message you may evaluate the performance of our experts’ work and leave the feedback.

It’s very important for us to know your opinion! Click here to leave a feedback on your ticket.

9. To escalate your problem to service manager or executive you may follow the corresponding links. They are included in every message from Service Desk. 

Has something gone wrong? Complain to the service manager: {Manager Name}

Didn’t work? Escalate to the senior manager

10.   If you need to create a new request that follows some previous request, you are not required to send all previous requests’ history; just specify the previous request’s reference number.