Create a virtual machine from a LAMP template

Create a virtual machine from a LAMP template

To set the root user password of the mysql database, follow these steps:

1. Open the server console or connect to the server via SSH.

2. Perform the following action: mysqladmin -u root password your_password

The catalog acting as a root for the site is installed by default in the configuration file httpd.conf and has the following path /var/www/html.

To move the files of your website you need to type the following command in the consol: scp -r my_web_site root@your_external_ip: /var/www/html.

If the external port that you opened for the ssh is different from the default port, you need to indicate it in the following command: scp -r -P your_port my_web_site root @ your_external_ip: /var/www/html.

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