Account elements

The main account page contains all the elements that are connected to your account.

  • Virtual machines - are servers in the Cloud-V cloud which you can manage. You can configure and maintain virtual machines according to your business needs.
  • Self-contained virtual machines - Virtual machines from a collection with a preinstalled OS.
  • Virtual machine role – a virtual machine with a preinstalled operating system and software to perform specified computing processes.

The following virtual machine roles are available: Windows Server 2012 Domain, Windows Server 2012 Standalone, Korus Consulting CRM Server 2015, Windows 2012 Domain Controller

  • Drive image - the master drive with the operating system from which the virtual machine role is deployed
  • Virtual machine role instance – the number of number of valid users on the virtual machine role.
  • Configuration of virtual machine role – a virtual machine role software package with a specified set of tasks.
  • Networks – isolated, private virtual networks for data sharing between the virtual machines in the account. When you create a virtual network, it is automatically assigned an address space.