How do I export a vApp to my computer?

How do I export a vApp to my computer?

To perform this operation, the vApp to be exported must be stopped.

  1. In My Cloud, open the vApp tab, and select the vApp you want to export. Stop the vApp.
  2. Right-click on the vApp, and in the pop-up menu select Download.

Important: When exporting the vApp will not be useable. Therefore, if there is insufficient time to download, we recommend you first create a vApp template and download it at a time convenient for you. (How do I make a vApp template?)

  1. The pop-up window will contain a link to install the Client Integration Plug-in. To continue, you must install this plug in (installation instructions).
  1. Select the location to save the vApp and its format. Click on OK.
  1. The saved vApp will appear in the folder specified earlier.

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