Configure network-to-network connection

You can create a network-to-network connection for the virtual network.

We recommend that you use the script "Create a network with user settings" to create this type of connection.

  1. Enter the name of the VPN-connection, IP-address of the device and the public key.
  1. Specify the address space on the site to which you are connecting.
  1. Set the maximum bandwidth.
  1. The VPN-connection is established within a few minutes, and appears in the list from where you can turn it off, delete it, select a different key, and so on.


It is possible to create a VPN-connection is with a network gateway. To enable the gateway open the Configure tab and check the parameter Enable gateway.

When configuring the gateway, make sure that the gateway subnet does not intersect with virtual machine subnets that you define for this virtual network.

Note that disabling a gateway will delete all the network-to-network VPN-connections and BGP settings.

After you select Enable gateway, open the VPN network-to-network tab, and click on Create VPN on the command bar.