Create a virtual machine role from a collection

Log into the My.Cloud-V management portal at in your account.

To create a virtual machine role from a collection, go to the Create command bar, select the tab Virtual machine role tab and click on From a collection.

  1. Select the configuration of the virtual machine role.
  1. Assign a name to the virtual machine role.
  2. Select the version.
  3. Choose the subscription which this virtual machine role is linked to.
  1. Set the size of the virtual machine role.
  2. Select the operating system
  3. Specify the time zone
  4. Set a password.

Note: Be sure to remember your password. It is not possible to reset your password by regular means in the Cloud-V portal.

  1. Specify the operating system account details.
  1. Add a virtual network. To connect the VM role to a network, you must create a virtual network in the subscription. Please refer to Network configuration.
  2. Configure the application.

The application settings depend on the virtual machine role with which service is being installed.

  1. Click on Finish. The virtual machine role has been created. The virtual machine role will appear in the Virtual machines section in your account.

To configure a virtual machine or a virtual machine role, go to Virtual machines from the main menu and click on the arrow next to the corresponding virtual machine.

Important: you can only change the size and network connections of the virtual machine when the virtual machine is stopped.