How to create a virtual machine from a template

To create a virtual machine in the vCloud Director VMware panel, select an existing vApp container.

1. In My Cloud open vApps tab and click on Green +.

2. A window with Add vApp from Catalog will pop-up.

In Look in drop-down menu, select Public Catalogs. The table below displays a list of available VMware virtual machine templates with OS. Select the required template (i.e. Centos) and click Next.

3. Enter the name or leave the existing name, fill in the description as required. Click Next.

4. Open Configure Resources tab to make changes in Computer Name field if required. Click Next.

5. Open Configure Networking tab to set the network settings.

6. Open Customize Hardware tab - it displays the capacity of the CPU, RAM, drive space, and virtual machine disk space. We don't recommend you to change them. Click Next.

7. Go to Ready to Complete tab. Check the settings specified in previous configuration steps. VMware virtual machine can be launched automatically. To do this, mark the checkbox Power on vApp after this wizard is finished. Click Finish.

8. The process of creating a virtual machine in a vApp container will take some time.

If you have any questions related to the configuration of cloud services, contact technical support by phone: +7 (495) 784-61-39 or by email: